You have fascinating stories. I want to tell them.


Throughout my early life I enjoyed writing for pleasure, but I didn’t realize that my hobby ultimately would result in a career. The young child who peppered adults with questions and wrote down the answers might be surprised to discover that she was cultivating reporting and writing talents that eventually would lead to award-winning news content. I bring that same passion and creativity to all of my assignments, along with a healthy smattering of reality that allows me to stay cool and perform well under pressure.

I’ve spent more than 20 years honing my reporting and storytelling skills by working with a variety of clients at television, print and online media outlets. I also have extensive experience providing editorial services for small businesses, associations and nonprofit organizations. Each place I’ve worked and lived—from the Midwest to South Florida to the Mid-Atlantic—has added a unique and important piece to the colorful puzzle that is my career. I want your writing assignment to be the next piece in that boundless puzzle.

My focus on the power of words extends to editing and an intense desire for clean, polished copy that engages readers from beginning to end. Regardless of whether a client requests light proofreading or heavy copy editing, I strive to retain the original writer’s intent while making the content shine.

The audience-centric art of writing snappy copy requires different voices and styles for different consumers. My diverse work experiences have created a solid knowledge base from which I draw when determining how best to write for various audiences. I look forward to collaborating with you on your editorial projects to effectively reach your audience.